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schoolyardbelle [userpic]
by schoolyardbelle (schoolyardbelle)
at December 20th, 2007 (08:37 pm)

Well Hello

I am Kayla, I am 22 in Arizona, I like all the usual twee-pop things, such as polka dots, headbands, tote bags, flats, and poloroids. I lie to sketch and write, I also am the twee princess advisor to a band called "A Candlelight Vigil"(www.myspace.com/acandlelightvigil)I help with lyrics from time to time and handle a lot of behind the scenes work. We are currently trying to get the debut together but since the members hail from two seperate states, it's hard to get us all on the same page.

We do a lot of covers including:

"She's A Rejector" - Of Montreal
"Rabbit's Ears" - Late BP Helium
"Building The Robot" - Tullycraft
"I Like" - Cars Can Be Blue.

I have a huge collection of stuff to share with everyone, except I still havent figured out how to zip up my folders. I find it easier just to send the folder over aim, so if you want anything let me know. I will finish updating my list and make a post some time soon, I totally want to help out and contribute so just let me know and I probably have it.

Stuff I been meaning to find are:

The Hot Toddies - Smell The Mitten
Fishboy - Everything
Eux Autres - Everything
A Smile And A Ribbon - Everything
The Ethnobabes - Everything


Posted by: allie FTMFW!!!!! (the_lampshade)
Posted at: December 21st, 2007 04:02 am (UTC)

Do you have a mac or a pc because I will share the wisdom with you of zipping folders if you like. :)

Posted by: schoolyardbelle (schoolyardbelle)
Posted at: December 21st, 2007 06:28 am (UTC)

PC but I can unzip files for some reason, yet I cant zip them, and I dont want to have to download just a trial of winzip

Posted by: allie FTMFW!!!!! (the_lampshade)
Posted at: December 21st, 2007 06:32 am (UTC)

What I do is right click and make a new folder (compressed zipped) and put it on my desktop, and then I copy or duplicate the files I need and put them in the specified folder. I hope that makes sense. I actually use a Mac although my other family computer is a PC, so there might be a faster way of doing it but that's how I used to do it.

Posted by: Cats are not lucky (catsarenotlucky)
Posted at: December 21st, 2007 04:58 pm (UTC)

Just get Winrar. It says it's a trial, but the only downside to not paying is you have to read a popup reminding you that it's not free every time you open it. Plus, you can't open up .rar archives with winzip.

Posted by: kcoeur (kcoeur)
Posted at: January 9th, 2008 04:40 pm (UTC)

I don't know if you've managed to find it yet or not.
The Hot Toddies - Smell The Mitten

Posted by: keith weed (tunnel_vision13)
Posted at: January 15th, 2008 09:18 pm (UTC)

cover "keep sending me black fireworks" of montreal. mad kudos if y'all did. Or "vampire bat" by wesley willis. that song is sick.

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